A Professional Stove Repair, Your Lasting Solution to Broken Stoves

Appliance Repair Specialists is a reputable company specializing in residential and commercial appliances. With 30 years of experience, we provide our clients with exceptional repairs. If you live in West Allis, WI, have us check your broken stove before you purchase a new one.


Most homeowners will replace their broken stove before having a professional inspect it. What was a simple coil replacement is now a new hundred dollar repair project A stove repair is a cheaper alternative than acquiring new equipment.


We train our experts to handle all types of stove types: gas or electrical. We always aim at excellence. That is why, when we offer our stove repair service, we only give you the best.


To do so, we equip our specialists with tools that can get your stove back into shape. They use top of the line tools that can dismantle and replace specific parts. When your burners need replacement, hire us. We can do it with efficiency.


We guarantee that all of the replacement parts that we use are high-quality. We use the best in the market to prolong your stove’s lifespan. It is frustrating to have a broken appliance and not be able to prepare delicious meals for your family and yourself. We can prevent this from happening.


If you own a restaurant, and the stove at your facility has broken, we can help you too. We have worked on various brands used in most kitchens and can help you fix it. We will be able to repair your equipment in no time so that you don’t lose profit.


When you need an expert in kitchen appliances, Appliance Repair Specialists is the company to go to. Located in West Allis, WI, we provide professional stove repairs. Call us now to set up an appointment at (414) 369-6458.