What Can Go Wrong with Large Household Appliances?

Major Appliance Repair Tips

There are three important rules you need to adhere to when attempting any kind of major appliance repair. NEVER try to cut corners or money by not following these rules. You will not save anything, and you may end up causing injury to yourself and damage to your appliance.

Always check to see if the power or gas supply to the appliance is switched off before you begin testing the appliance to find the problem. When you switch the power back on to check your work, never touch the appliance, just switch the power back on and watch. Should any adjustments be needed, remember to switch the power back off before you start to make them.

When any parts of your appliance are held together with the likes of plugs, screws, bolts, etc., you should be able to make the repairs. However, when any parts are held together with the likes of welds or rivets, never attempt the repair yourself. You will need to call in a professional major appliance repair service technician. With many cases, broken or malfunctioning parts can be replaced quickly and cheaply. Make sure any parts you do replace, are replaced by new ones. Should you be unable to find the exact replacement for the part, you can sometimes use a substitute that is similar to your part, so long as it fits into the original space. With such cases, always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation.

Appliance parts can be found from most service centers, repair dealers, and appliance stores. You don’t need to use a brand name center to buy your parts, which broadens your scope of where you can shop. Should you be unable to find a parts service center locally, you can order them directly from the manufacturer. The name and address of your appliance manufacturer are normally printed on your appliance. Make sure you give the manufacturer the model and parts information for your appliance.

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