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Appliance Repair Service Tips on How to Light Your Gas Range Pilot Light

Most people who seek our appliance repair service find that lighting their pilot light on gas stoves to be a fairly simple process, however, please note, working with gas is quite dangerous, so you need to practice caution and contact your gas company when you begin to smell a strong gas odor. A slight odor is quite normal when your pilot light has been extinguished.

To save yourself trouble and frustration, try cleaning the tip of your pilot should the light have gone out. Often, the likes of grease and food particles get trapped on the tip, which causes the flame to go out. So cleaning it will mean it is easier to ignite, and will greatly improve the chances of it staying alight.

Before you clean the tip make sure you switch off all your stove controls. Then raise up the ranges top, this should expose your pilot light. Take off the cap or cover on the one which is out and remove any debris you may find. Try using a straight pin to clear the opening, and a stiff brush and detergent, gently scrub the tubes which come from the burner to the pilot.

Once you have cleaned it, try lighting your pilot again. Ensure you do not smell any heavy gas odors. Should everything seem clear, place a lit match over the hole. Most people prefer using long matches to light their pilots, as they will allow you to keep your hand away from the gas as you try to light it. Flames should never shoot out in this, however, you should always practice caution.

You should be able to light your oven pilot in the same way you light your stove. You sometimes need to gain access to the rear of your oven. Once you can see your oven pilot, just clean it and relight it again using a long match.

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